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How To Persuade with a Remarkable Pitch? - Paul's startup newsletter #4


Paul Musters - Fortify

June 21 · Issue #4 · View online
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How To Persuade with a Remarkable Pitch?
Imagine you are standing in front of your dream investor. You are pitching your startup, and start your story with a problem: how immense the problem is and how fast the market is growing. You’ll continue on by presenting your solution, business model, and team and conclude your pitch with the amount of capital you need. That sums up most of the startup pitches I’ve seen.
Metrics or Passion?
I’m often surprised that founders tell such a standard story. I really miss the power of shining eyes. The enthusiasm you see when you are talking about your biggest passion. Of course metrics are important, especially for an investor. But don’t let the numbers take over your unique strength. I truly believe that passion and perseverance are ten times more powerful than any metric.
More important show them the willingness you want to dedicate time and energy to solve this ‘personal’ problem. Most of the startups start from a personal problem.
How to bring back the passion into your pitch?
It doesn’t have to be hard. Your passion is always close. And as a startup founder you’ve got enough stories to tell :-). Think about these three possibilities to get back to your passion:
  1. Talk about why and how you started
  2. Tell the story about your first customer
  3. Include what you’re most proud of in your life
Add your story to your slides
Everyone likes stories they can relate to, and investors aren’t any different. Can you combine your personal stories with the slides and metrics in your presentation? A lot of startups start from a personal problem. Show your willingness and dedication to solve your problem.
For example, start simple: Frame the problem by talking about why you started. Explain your solution, by telling the story of solving your first customer’s problem. And include what you’re most proud of, to explain why you are the one to turn this idea into a big win! 
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