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How to Filter the Good from the Great? - Paul's startup newsletter #3


Paul Musters - Fortify

May 17 · Issue #3 · View online
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How to Filter the Good from the Great?
As a founder, you start building the company’s culture long before you start building business. Employees come and go. How do you facilitate a sustainable culture with a wonderful team?
Past year I’ve worked closely with 12 startup teams. I’ve learned that when it concerns people, doubt is not an option. Even when you see shining eyes and all traits of a winner are there. A person still might be a bad fit for your company. Every time a founder decided to keep a doubted employee or co-founder in the team, they failed. The atmosphere became bad, performance went down and in the end they all broke up.
How to make a decision when you’re in doubt?
Doubt is human. So how do you make decisions on hiring and firing people? Step one: define the core values in your company, preferably in the early days, but it’s better late than never. As second: keep your values at the forefront of your mind with literally every decision you make. Especially when it concerns your team.
What to do if you have any doubts? Give the doubted person a scenario and ask how they work towards a solution. It’s a good sign if the explanation comes close to your company’s core values. Is it the answer that you and your customers want to hear? 
It’s ok to take these moments: you’ve filtered the good from the great team members.

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My favorite quote from Horowitz' book: "The hard thing about hard things"
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