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Detecting a winner - Paul's startup newsletter #2

I believe that the basics of a winner are true passion and determination. But to build a winning team

Paul Musters - Fortify

April 29 · Issue #2 · View online
We Build Winning Startup Teams

I believe that the basics of a winner are true passion and determination. But to build a winning team, there’s more. So, where do you look for in a new hire? Therefore I made a list of 8 winning character traits:
  1. Curiosity: Detecting curiosity shouldn’t be that hard. You can see it by the way someone is looking around, or during a small talk. How many questions are asked?
  2. Debating: Does this person also question the goals of your company? Or your products? The way people start a discussion says a lot about their strengths.
  3. Resourceful: Once you start talking about challenges, how long does it take until someone comes up with the first possible solution?
  4. Charisma: A firm handshake, looking people in the eye, passioned storytelling, easy approachable, a positive attitude. All signs of charisma. Especially in a small company, you need these people.
  5. Intractable: To get from zero to one, you need people who break status quo by nature. Someone who’s often been called difficult, might be willful too.
  6. Fearless: Fearlessness in business is about if someone is able to take on a new project, not afraid of missing knowledge or making mistakes.
  7. Relentless: Relentless people don’t take “no” for an answer. They study all night to learn something new or are in the office at 6AM when a customer’s problem needs to be solved.
  8. Resilient: The ability to overcome challenges, whether they are personal or business crises. And not to forget, being able to bounce back stronger, wiser and personally more powerful. This is what your company needs when faced with inevitable difficulties. 
I’m curious to hearing your key insight on my 8 characteristics of a winner. And… do you have them all?
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